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Jonzing World introduces first female signee, Bagetti

Jonzing World introduces first female signee, Bagetti

Jonzing World, renowned for its knack for discovering sensational talents, such as Ruger and Gdzilla, has once again captured headlines with the introduction of its first-ever female artist, Bagetti.

Set to debut her single Hard Girl on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Bagetti's unique sound and potential had already garnered attention from industry insiders before her official unveiling today, March 4, 2024, promising a significant impact on the future of Nigerian music.

In a bold move, Jonzing World, has expanded its roster by signing Bagetti, marking a significant milestone in the label's history. This decision reflects the label's commitment to diversity and its ability to identify and nurture groundbreaking talent. Bagetti's music, characterized by innovative genre-fusing and captivating songwriting, is anticipated to set new standards in the music industry.

Her debut single, Hard Girl, and the subsequent EP release on March 15, 2024, in collaboration with Virgin Music Group, are highly awaited by fans and critics alike. Even before her songs hit the airwaves, Bagetti's music was creating waves within the industry. Influential figures, including DJ Nana and DJ Dope Caesar, have featured her tracks in their sets, sparking widespread curiosity and anticipation among listeners.

Bagetti's entrance into the music scene signals more than just the launch of a new artist; it heralds a change in the Nigerian music industry. With her unique sound and the backing of Jonzing World and Virgin Music Group, Bagetti is poised to become a pivotal figure in music. Her ability to blend genres and craft songs that resonate with a wide audience suggests that her impact will extend beyond Nigeria, influencing the global music landscape.

As Bagetti prepares to share her artistry with the world, anticipation builds not just for her debut but for the ripple effects her music is expected to have. Jonzing World's latest discovery is a testament to the label's vision and the untapped potential within the Nigerian music scene. Bagetti's journey is just beginning, but it already hints at a vibrant future for music enthusiasts worldwide.


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